Decal Instructions

Rest the inflated balloon (its seam) on something so that it is nice and straight in front of you. Peel the decal apart slowly (the paper part is the backing, and the transfer paper is the sticky side, which is what you need the writing to stay on). Best method is to place the decal face down, and then peel off the white paper backing. (If you find that the decal is not sticking well, use a credit card and rub the transfer paper against the decal to make it stick better.) You are now left with the decal (sticky side) ready to go on the balloon. Place the decal into position on the balloon, wherever you are most happy with it. Rub it nice and smooth onto the balloon with your fingers. Then you are going to slowly peel, from one corner, keeping it nice and razor sharp as you are peeling back (this is what helps the letters stay nicely in position). Keep on peeling all of the way to the other side.